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Want to be a part of the Mary Kay action?  Are you:

  • motivated?
  • a people-person?
  • looking for extra monthly income, or a long-term professional career?

Never in a million years did I think I would be a Mary Kay consultant.  Do I love the products?  Absolutely. But I did not want my friends and family to run the other direction thinking I would try to sell to them all the time, and I did not think I had enough time to devote to it to be successful.  I listened, though, and observed, and met successful, professional women who turned every assumption I had on it’s head.  Besides, the $100 starter kit investment wasn’t too much of an investment – I would probably use all the product myself if nothing else!  Now, I am building my business my own way and in my own time.  My income now is our fun money, and my commission checks will be invested in college funds.  I am growing personally and professionally, and have something of “my own” to focus on.

I would love to hear what Mary Kay can do for you!  Learn the benefits of becoming an independent beauty consultant, then contact me at adgreen(at)marykay.com so we can chat!


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