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Want 30 minutes more every day?

File containerI heard Jennifer Drobonski of Drobinski Organizing speak at a recent MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) meeting, and I thought, “She just GETS me.”  Things around here are complete chaos some days.  She explained in simple steps how we could make small changes around the house which result in big impacts in our daily lives.  I just could not get enough, so I asked her to share with me simple ways moms could gain back our biggest asset – time!  Saving 30 minutes a day is my challenge to her!  Think she can do it?

1. Jennifer, how can moms save 10 minutes a day in the kitchen?
One of the biggest waste of times in the kitchen is not knowing what you are going to have for dinner. Take a moment in your week to plan your meals. You will save time and money. You can do this by first taking note of all of the items your family will eat. Then look at your calendar and see where you are at during the week. You don’t want to cook a fancy meal when you have to leave your home quickly after work. Finally post your meals on the calendar and place them on the fridge or inside a pantry cabinet. Make sure to check your menu the night before in case you need to defrost something from the freezer.

2.  How can moms save 10 minutes a day in the laundry room? Continue reading

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Now is the time to select a CSA

April and Mary are the perfect time to explore Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) opportunities in your area.  CSA’s offer you the opportunity to purchase a yearly “share,” which typically means you get to receive one box of fresh, organic, locally grown produce and other goodies weekly.  My kids love our weekly trips to the farm June through October to pick up our box, talk with the family, and see the animals and fields.  Local Harvest has a great searchable directory in which you can find farms near you.  Save yourself time, eat healthier, and support a local farm family by signing up with one today!

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