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About Angie

Editor, Take Care of MomI am, most importantly, Mom to three fabulous kids and wife to one fabulous husband.  We live just outside Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Helping moms take care of themselves inside and out is my passion and I am a Mary Kay independent beauty consultant.  Being a mom is the most important, and toughest, job you will ever have (but you already knew that!).  I am here to share ideas on:

  • taking care of your looks,
  • taking care of your health,
  • taking care of your mind, and
  • taking care of your spirituality.

I am so over the whole idea that we, as moms, need to sacrifice.  Make choices….yes.  But sacrifice…no.  No one else is going to take care of you and pay attention to your needs like you should.  You, as the CEO of your family, deserve to be as well taken care of as any corporate leader!  Ever notice how much better you feel when you have taken some time to read a book or exercise, had coffee with a friend, or spent a few extra minutes putting on makeup in the morning?  When you are filled up emotionally, physically, and spiritually, only THEN will you have something to give others.

Have an idea to share?  I would love to hear from you at takecareofmom(at)gmail.com.

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