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Could mascara earn you 23% higher pay?

So I was reading Upsize Magazine, a local magazine for small business.  They didn’t publish this particular article in their online edition, so I’m retyping a portion of the article old-school style.  The article is “Here are tips so looks don’t kill,” by image consultant Linda Froiland.

Women’s makeup:  Crucial in the business world.  It’s been documented that women who wear makeup at work make 23 percent more money then woman who do not.  Makeup should at a minimum consist of: mascara to open up the eyes and give them definition; foundation to even out the skin tone; a blush or color, lightly applied to the cheeks; and lipstick in a subtle color that complements the skin tone.  Makeup definitely needs to be appropriate to the position and the company; along with the age of the employee.  Wild colors and applications are for after-hours and are not considered professional.

What makeup styles do you see around work?  Is Linda right – is makeup crucial for professional women?


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  1. I agree that conservative makeup is essential for a professional image. I spent many years climbing the corporate ladder and now that I think of it, I never remember seeing any women advancing who didn’t wear makeup. Interesting! I’m sharing this great post with my Twitter followers – Thanks!

    Comment by Suzanne Prochaska | May 15, 2010 | Reply

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