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Link Love: Natural Detox

I am going to kick of my summer and get my body ready for that swimsuit (yikes!) with a week of natural detox this week.  (And will wrap it up just in time for Memorial Day weekend, ha!)  I am not interested in expensive products or a diet plan I will never follow, so  I thought I would do a little reading around the web to see how to do it the old-fashioned way.  Here are the best things I read:

  • The Truth About Natural Liver Cleansing at WebMD.com  offered a great overview of what a detox diet is, what the benefits are, and explains how our body’s natural detox system works.  The article lays out a very simple plan which includes: increasing water and adding more healthful, whole, plant-based foods while decreasing alcohol and caffeine, fat and animal proteins, and refined and processed foods.
  • Over at NaturalMomsBlog.com Lexi has lots of great ideas on mothering the “natural” way.  Like this great post on How to Make Your Own Vegetable Juice without an expensive juicer.
  • Get your kids in on the fun!  Tiffany at NatureMomsBlog.com has a fabulous idea for making Homemade Healthy Veggie Popsicles, just in time for the summer sun!
  • When I think of natural, I think of Jamie Oliver!  I LOVED his Food Revolution mini-series that aired recently.  I’ve been meaning to get Jamie’s Food Revolution: Rediscover How to Cook Simple, Delicious, Affordable Meals, which is just $19.25 at Amazon (list price $35.00).
  • Another mom seems to be up to the same thing!  Pam tells us how she is implementing her own plan in her post Raw Food Detox?

Have you followed a detox plan before?  How did it go for you?


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No Makeup Day on Today Show

Kathie Lee and HodaYesterday was No Makeup Day for Kathie Lee and Hoda on the fourth hour of the Today Show.  To show their support, Ann Curry, Meredith Vieira and Natalie Morales also made taped appearances sans-makeup.  More than just responding to a challenge from Rosie O’Donnell, the purpose was to show was real women look like.

Ann, Meredith, Natalie without makeupNo surprise, Kathie Lee and Hoda were nervous going into it.  “I don’t even go running without lipstick on,” says Hoda.  “I had a classic anxiety dream about it last night,” says Kathie Lee.

What other moms are saying:
  • Completely coincidentally, Mummy Mayhem had declared today, May 14th, Bloggers without Makeup day.  Take a look at the bottom of her post to see all the women joining in!  If you are on Twitter, check out all the discussion at #BloggersWithoutMakeup.
  • Cleveland moms talk about how often (or if ever) they wear makeup at MomsLikeMe.com.
  • Blythe Brumleve at GuysGirl.com highlighted makeup artist Mary’s point that makeup has to hide the fact that the two are constantly on the go and don’t get much sleep, yet have to appear fresh.

No sleep and constantly on the go….hmm, who does that sound like?  Moms!

Do you venture out without makeup without giving it a second thought?  Or, would you have a nightmare at the thought?

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Want the secret to keeping a marriage alive?

I rarely watch The Today Show, but hubby was home sick yesterday so we had on the television.  In the segment “The truth about marriage, pregnancy, and kids” Ian Today Show Moms logoKerner, contributor to BabyCenter.com, asserts that the secret to keeping a marriage alive is that “Great couples are ultimately great individuals.”  He goes on to give an example that he and his wife make an effort to each pursue their own interests.  The concept itself is easy to grasp, sure, but so hard to execute, don’t you think?  My kids are 6, 3, and 2 and my day is pretty much consumed with taking care of my family and running my Mary Kay business.  Back when my kids were really little, I could not even remember what my interests were!  If I had to fill out a profile about myself and list my interests or hobbies, I had to make something up!  Not because I am not an interesting person, but because it is easy to lose that person in the midst of raising a family.  I have had to make a concentrated effort to carve out time for me.

So, will you join me this week in doing one thing just for yourself?  I would love to hear from you what it is!  I am going to commit to finishing that book I have been talking about, The Help, just in time for my book club meeting!

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Could mascara earn you 23% higher pay?

So I was reading Upsize Magazine, a local magazine for small business.  They didn’t publish this particular article in their online edition, so I’m retyping a portion of the article old-school style.  The article is “Here are tips so looks don’t kill,” by image consultant Linda Froiland.

Women’s makeup:  Crucial in the business world.  It’s been documented that women who wear makeup at work make 23 percent more money then woman who do not.  Makeup should at a minimum consist of: mascara to open up the eyes and give them definition; foundation to even out the skin tone; a blush or color, lightly applied to the cheeks; and lipstick in a subtle color that complements the skin tone.  Makeup definitely needs to be appropriate to the position and the company; along with the age of the employee.  Wild colors and applications are for after-hours and are not considered professional.

What makeup styles do you see around work?  Is Linda right – is makeup crucial for professional women?

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Want 30 minutes more every day?

File containerI heard Jennifer Drobonski of Drobinski Organizing speak at a recent MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) meeting, and I thought, “She just GETS me.”  Things around here are complete chaos some days.  She explained in simple steps how we could make small changes around the house which result in big impacts in our daily lives.  I just could not get enough, so I asked her to share with me simple ways moms could gain back our biggest asset – time!  Saving 30 minutes a day is my challenge to her!  Think she can do it?

1. Jennifer, how can moms save 10 minutes a day in the kitchen?
One of the biggest waste of times in the kitchen is not knowing what you are going to have for dinner. Take a moment in your week to plan your meals. You will save time and money. You can do this by first taking note of all of the items your family will eat. Then look at your calendar and see where you are at during the week. You don’t want to cook a fancy meal when you have to leave your home quickly after work. Finally post your meals on the calendar and place them on the fridge or inside a pantry cabinet. Make sure to check your menu the night before in case you need to defrost something from the freezer.

2.  How can moms save 10 minutes a day in the laundry room? Continue reading

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Feed your mind in a book club

The Help, by Kathryn StockettToday is an especially exasperating day.  The 3-year old and 2-year old have been fighting constantly, and I am done with it!  I cannot wait for naptime so I can dive into our church book club’s latest pick, The Help, by Kathyrn Stockett.  Set in 1962 in Mississippi, it is the story of how the paths of three women cross when they come together for a “clandestine project that will put them all at risk” as they suffocate within the lines that define their town and their times.

Are you in a book club now?  What have you read recently?  I highly suggest joining a book club.  First, it prompts you to read things other than kids’ books!  I have expanded my bookshelf and read books I would not have otherwise.  Secondly, it takes your enjoyment of a book to the next level when you can discuss it with other women and hear their opinions and personal stories.  Thirdly, it gets you out of the house!

Don’t know of a book club in your town, church or school?  Start one!  Or check out Oprah’s Book Club.  I hate to be cliche but she really does do the best job at creating a dynamic reading community online.

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MOPS rocks

MOPS logoAfter repeated invitations from friends, yesterday I attended my local MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) meeting – and cannot wait to go back!  MOPS is an international group with over 3,900 local chapters which are supported through local churches.  There is no particular religious affiliation, but it is based on broadly accepted Christian beliefs.  Groups meet weekly or bi-weekly.  Each meeting the children, or MOPPETS (how cute!), are supervised by paid staff (usually church parishioners) and are guided through Sunday-school like lessons and free play.  Moms are treated to social time, a speaker or activity, and chapter agenda items.  Excited?  Find your local MOPS group.  From the meeting I came home refreshed, refueled and centered.  And my kids came home happy, tired and ready for naps.

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Now is the time to select a CSA

April and Mary are the perfect time to explore Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) opportunities in your area.  CSA’s offer you the opportunity to purchase a yearly “share,” which typically means you get to receive one box of fresh, organic, locally grown produce and other goodies weekly.  My kids love our weekly trips to the farm June through October to pick up our box, talk with the family, and see the animals and fields.  Local Harvest has a great searchable directory in which you can find farms near you.  Save yourself time, eat healthier, and support a local farm family by signing up with one today!

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Pedicure for Pennies

When was the last time you treated yourself to a pedicure?  I know that I can’t remember!  I don’t have the time to go to a spa, and I have a hard time spending the money on myself when there are so many things to buy for the kids!  Here is a perfect solution: Mary Kay just introduced this Limited Edition Pedicure Set which every busy mom getting ready for summer must have!  Don’t even remember how to treat youself to an in-home pedicure?  Here are tips for the ultimate in-home spa experience!  For only $22.00 you will have sandal-ready feet all summer.

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